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Board of Trustees - 2/28/17
FEBRUARY 28, 2017
Berrien Township Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the township hall.  Supervisor Bryan Bixby called the meeting to order and opened with the pledge to the flag.
Members present:  Supervisor Bryan Bixby, Treasurer Paul Sprung, Trustees Julie Burke, Howard Henderson, Jeff Marks and Clerk Mary Jane Dean.  Trustee Harold Bishop was absent. 
Also present:  Deputy Supervisor Julius Grau, Mary Simko and one resident.
Julie Burke made a motion seconded by Paul Sprung to approve the agenda.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
Supervisor Bixby presented an amendment to help clarify the Agricultural Building Affidavit that was approved at the last meeting. The amendment reads and follows Zoning Administrator in writing: Anyone that signs this affidavit shall maintain this building as agricultural use for a period of two years before another use is allowed.  The only way it can change is if the property is sold or the original applicant passes away within the two year period.  If the applicant requests another use within the two year period the full permit fee shall be issued. During discussion it was made clear that at the time a permit is issued the applicant shall comply with the fee schedule or the Agricultural Building Affidavit, the fee for this affidavit will not be retroactive.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.  
Treasurer Sprung reported that the present budget from April 2016 to Jan. 2017 had revenue in the amount of $484,871.22 with expenses of $486,351.42 with a deficit of $1.480.20 but by the end of the fiscal year we could have $40-50,000.00 in the black.  The current assets are $753,689.01. The proposed budget has income at $632,807.00 and expenses at $632,807.00. The salary increases for Angie, Becky and Holley was proposed at 1%.  Since they have no benefits it was decided to change the salaries to 3% increase.   Treasurer Sprung stated to keep a balance budget the extra increase would come out of the Park fund. The Board didn’t receive an increase last year and rather than get to far behind it was decided to give the Board an increase of 1%.   The following are the cost centers:  INCOME: Licenses & Permits: $23,500.00; other income:  $47,307.00; Property taxes: $193,000.00; State revenue: $350,000.00; Cemetery: $11,000.00; interest $8,000.00 for total of $632,807.00. 
EXPENSES: Payroll expense: $11,100.00; Trustees: $14,550.00; Supervisor: 19,975.00; Tax Administration: $14,227.00; Finance & Office admin: $48,275.00; Clerk: $23,710.00; Board of Review: $700.00; Treasurer: $19,785.00; Assessor: $23,690.00; Elections: $4,500.00; Twp. hall & grounds: $21,632.00; Cemeteries: $34,510.00; Twp. fire bd.: $1,400.00; Fire protection: $115,000.00; Building inspector: $34,350.00; Highways & streets: $125,675.00; Street lights: $3,405.00; Planning commission: $1,200.00; Zoning Bd. of Appeals:$400.00; Community services:$57,933.00; Twp. Park:$50,825.00; Twp. Park DNR:$5,965.00.
 With no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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