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Board of Trustees 12-16-16
DECEMBER 16, 2016
Berrien Township Board of Trustees met on Thursday, December 16, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the township hall.  Supervisor Bryan Bixby called the meeting to order and opened with the pledge to the flag.
Members present:  Supervisor Bryan Bixby, Treasurer Paul Sprung, Trustees Julie Burke, Howard Henderson, Jeff Marks, Harold Bishop and Clerk Mary Jane Dean. 
Also present:  Deputy Supervisor Julius Grau, Fire Chief Norm Carl, reporter Mary Simko and two residents.
Julia Burke made a motion seconded by Paul Sprung to approve the agenda as amended with the addition of scrap tires.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.  
Paul Sprung made a motion seconded by Julie Burke to approve the minutes with a correction for the total amount in the November Township bills from $55,448.20 to $55,225.71 as a check to SBF Enterprises needed to come out of the tax fund not the general fund Clerk Dean reported.  MOTION CARRIED.
Howard Henderson made a motion seconded by Harold Bishop to approve the joint fire bills in the amount of $2,692.16 with the township share of $1,739.13 for payment.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.  
Supervisor  Bixby reported that everything that was bare from preparing for painting has been primed and ready for spring painting,
The Board has a copy in their packets of the revised Property Maintenance Ordinance.  A copy was also sent to Attorney Scott Dienes to review.  Possibly have a public hearing in February.
SPECIAL LAND USE 11-04-022-0008-02-2:
The Planning Commission held a public hearing on December 15, 2016 for a special land use request from Jeremiah Kinney for FMK9 to operate a private company (not for the public) that specially trains canines and officers that would be using the dogs.  The company specializes in government contracts only.  They train German shepherds, Labradors and sometimes Springer spaniels.  The dogs are 12-14 months old that are purchased from Poland.  Mr. Kinney will live in the house and the other building will be used for the office.  They train 70-120 dogs per year and some are out of state.  They have 3 master trainers and 2 part time employees.  ADT will be used, motion sensors will be in place also door alarms, cameras and fire alarms will be installed. The building will be heated and have air. The area that was used for a driving range will be enclosed with an 8 ft. fence for outside training.  Mr. Kinney requested that all previous special land uses that were placed on the property be rescinded.  Planning Commission approved the request to rescind all special land uses and recommend to the Board approval of the special land use request under 300.1129 Kennels with the exception of #5 requirement of screening along property line with 6 ft. pine trees.  Paul Sprung made a motion seconded by Harold Bishop to rescind all special land uses that had been previously approved to this parcel in question.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.  Julie Burke made a motion seconded by Howard Henderson to grant the special land use request from Jeremiah Kinney for FMK9 to operate a private canine and officer training facility to be located at 7563 Pokagon Rd. under 300.1129 Kennels with the exception of #5 requirement of the screening along the property line with 6 ft. pine trees.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
Sacred Heart has leased a portion of the building (previously known as Berrien General Hospital) since 2014.  It has been brought to the Boards attention that some individuals that were using the facility have left and are knocking on resident’s doors asking for assistance.  The township office has also had two individuals come to office for help.   The Board had been told that the doors would be locked from the inside and a buzzer goes off if anyone tries to leave.  There is concern from residents not knowing what type of person they may be dealing with.  The Board needs to check into this situation and determine what should be done for the safety of township residents.
Mary Jane Dean made a motion seconded by Harold Bishop to approve the following appointments as presented by the Supervisor:
Planning Commission – Doug Shelton, David Riedlinger and Dale Sherwood for 3 yr. terms.  Chris Sills for 1 yr. term.  Zoning Board of Appeals – Sonya Bailey, Bill Zerbell and Tom Fisher for 3yr. terms.  Building Board of Appeals – Harold Riess and James Furkis for 3 yr. terms.  Library Board – Edytha Bowerman for a 4 yr. term.  Board of Review – Marion Dohm, Mark Hetler, Joel Layman and Howard Litaker as an alternate for 2 yr. terms.     All ayes,  none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED
Supervisor reported that the township in conjunction with Oronoko Charter Township and Berrien Springs Village applied for scrap tire grant.  If received the Village water treatment plant parking lot will be used for the collection of tires.
Fire Chief Norm Carl reported that the Dept. had 14 calls of which 10 were in Berrien Township for a total of labor cost of $2,502.00 for the month of November.   Eau Claire Village had lines down over night from wind.
Building Inspector Ross Rogien issued (9) building permits which included (2) new homes for an estimated building amount of $924,925.00 for the month of November. Electrical inspector Ken Simpson finalized (8) electrical permits for a fee of $1,505.00 for November.
Julius Grau reported on a drone presentation.  The State Police and Berrien County Sheriff have drones.  He stated that there is a 10 member bd. that is volunteers that are available to help first responders that might have stress from incidents.
The road committee will meet on Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at the township hall for their next meeting.
Treasurer Sprung reported that revenue for the month was $73,696.78 and expenses were at $62,164.69.  He estimated that we should receive $85,000.00 from the $36.00 per parcel road tax that was passed by the residents in 2014.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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