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Board of Trustees 7-12-16
Berrien Township Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the township hall.  Supervisor Bryan Bixby called the meeting to order and opened with the pledge to the flag.
Members present:  Supervisor Bryan Bixby, Treasurer Paul Sprung, Clerk Mary Jane Dean, Trustees Julie Burke, Howard Henderson, Jeff Marks and Harold Bishop.
Also present:  Deputy Supervisor Julius Grau, Fire Chief Norm Carl, Jr. two residents, reporter Mary Simko and B.C. Drain Commissioner candidate Christopher Quattrin.
Julie Burke made a motion seconded by Harold Bishop to approve the agenda as presented.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
Mr. David Maysick thanked the Board for seal coating Smith Rd. after living on the road for 36 years it is nice to have no dust.
Harold Bishop made a motion seconded by Julie Burke to approve the June 14, 2016 minutes as written.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.   
Julie Burke made a motion seconded by Harold Bishop to approve the July township bills in the amount of $30,352.28 which included the additional bill for the assessor assistant for $1,295.08.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
Paul Sprung made a motion seconded by Julie Burke to approve the joint fire bills with the total amount of $10,908.19 minus the refund from Berends Hendricks Insurance for $2,190.00 which made the final total of $8,718.19 leaving the township 64.6% share of $5,631.95 for payment.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
 The following bids were received for painting Union Church:
                KDS PAINTING - includes washing to remove stains, dirt, chalking and mildew scrape as needed.  Prime bare wood and paint siding, trim, shutters and steeple.  Color to match plus painting the shed and outhouse.  Bid for Labor and materials $5,800.00.
                Christman Custom Painting – scrape loose paint, spot prime bare wood, caulk where needed and paint building one coat Sherwin-Williams A100 Satin exterior latex finish -   $15,750.00, labor - $1,500.00, lift rental - $1,000.00 for a total of $18,250.00.                                     
                Professional Home Services Co Inc. – for church and two out buildings – power washing, scrape all loose paint, sand and caulk where needed, apply one coat of primer on bare wood, apply two coats of top quality paint.  Paint – 1,217.00, labor - $16,500.00, rental for lift $1,600.00. Total $19,317.00.
                Howell Painting – power washing and painting of siding on church, out house and shed, no bell tower, no green trim or no finish paint.  Total $4,645.00 
Supervisor reported that the Board had received a grant from Greater Berrien Springs Community Endowment in the amount of $4,000.00 to be used for the painting.  Issues that should be considered:  1. what is the condition of the siding can it stand to be power washed?  2. What type of paint was used last time oil or latex?  3. Does any wood need to be replaced?  It was decided to have Paul Sprung, Bryan Bixby and Mary Jane Dean review everything and present to the Board at the next meeting.
The fence has been discussed many times about extending the present fence or planting trees. Paul Sprung made a motion seconded by Julie Burke to approve the purchase of more sections of fence to extend to the property line for the amount of $433.04.  All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED.
The committee has not met yet the Supervisor will set a meeting date and have Becky contact each one to see what fits in their schedule.
The township hall playground equipment is old and out of date.  The park committee is looking at equipment for the 5-11 age groups.  We have $8,000.00 in the budget presently.  Paul Sprung made a motion seconded by Mary Jane Dean to add $7,000.00 to the budget for playground equipment. All ayes, none opposed.  MOTION CARRIED. 
The assessor presented to the Board her plans for maturity leave.  The plans are to have the babies around Sept. 14th.  She would like 4 weeks leave and plans to have a copy of the database on her home computer so she can answer questions.  The last 2 weeks of Oct. she plans to come to the office to catch up on her mail.  The board felt that with 2 new babies she should take 6 weeks off.
The Dept. had 15 calls for the month of June for a cost of $3,092.00. 
Building Inspector Ross Rogien issued (7) building permits for estimated building amount of $64,100.00.  Electrical Inspector Ken Simpson finalized (8) electrical permits for a fee of $1,465.00. The house on M-140 has finally been sold and will be finished.  David Dent has had a few issues at the trailer park and has issued a few citations.
There was only one burial since last meeting.  Clerk is still working with St. Joe Monument in regards to the markers that were destroyed. There is a water leak at Union Cemetery it wasn’t apparent until the electric bill was received which indicated something was wrong.
The committee will meet on July 26 are proceeding with the process for a public hearing.  The township board will review the plans and make any changes they think are necessary.  After a period for public comment period a public hearing will be held.
Julius Grau presented to the Board the minutes from the Local Emergency Planning committee and the Berrien County Disaster committee.  A community needs to pull together when a tragedy occurs, acknowledge it.  Communicate what you know “at this time” the community needs to feel your confidence and assurance.  Focus on what you need to do right now should the next step be.  Work toward getting back to normal as soon as possible. 
No meeting.   
The roads that were seal coated after being ground up last year are finished with the second coat and are ready to be striped.  Range Line Rd. and Deans Hill Rd. will not be resurfaced this year as scheduled.  Deans Hill may be restricted where it is.  Snyder will be two years before seal coating is done because of the curves.  Mr. Fenner is applying his own chloride to keep the wedding parties happy.  Gravel will be applied on Franklin from Pucker St. to Brush Lake Rd. and Painter School from M-140 to Smith.
Income for the month of June was $19,205.73.  The expenses included the cost for the demolition for the Schramm house for $9,095.38 and the total expenses for the month were $61,702.86.  The township total assets are $733,934.32.
Christopher Quattrin candidate for County drain commissioner introduced himself to the Board.  He stated what experience he had that would qualify as drain commission and what he would do if elected.
Supervisor adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

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